ndGUI Control Center Builder

On this page you can create custom Control Center layouts for ndGUI in 3 steps:
  1. Set up the new Control Center layout by specifying the top/bottom and left/right aligment of elements independently, assign them to fade groups or turn fading off and configure Sidebar/Rollup Panel behaviour
  2. Generate the new Control Center layout data
  3. Replace the previous Control Center layout with the new one in the ControlCenter.xml file

Since the GUI of the game was not meant to be modded like this (nor in any other way, for that matter), your options are still rather limited and you might notice some oddities in certain configurations. Still, using this tool should provide you with somewhat more freedom in customizing the Control Center layout than just using the pre-defined files in the ndGUI package.

Step #1: Set up new Control Center layout

| minitoolbar |
| softmenu ||perk|| main menu || aggdef bar || creds bar |
 = = = = = menu background bar = = = = =

    Lock menu background bar position to menubar
    Lock Agg/Def and Creds bar positions to menubar
  Vertical position:     Horizontal position:
  SoftMenu fade group:     Perk Actions button fade group:

Agg/Def Bar
  Vertical position:     Horizontal position:     Fade group:

Creds Bar
  Vertical position:     Horizontal position:     Fade group:

Menu background bar
  Vertical position:     Fade group:

Rollup Panel
  Displace top holder area:     Never       Only if Mini Toolbar is at top       Always
  Displace bottom holder area:     Never       Only if Mini Toolbar is at bottom       Always
  Mini Toolbar position:

Shortcutbar Togglers
  Vertical toggler fade group:     Horizontal toggler fade group:

Shortcutbar Numbers
  Fade group:


Step #2: Generate Control Center definition data

After having set up the new Control Center layout, click on the button below to generate the new Contol Center layout definition data into the textbox.

Step #3: Apply new Control Center layout

Once the definition data is generated, you need to apply it by replacing the current content of the Control Center definition file with the new data:
  1. Completely exit the game
  2. Start the AO launcher, click "Settings", then select the "GUI" tab in the Settings window
  3. Click the "Open" button next to the "Skins" line in the "Folders" frame to open the custom GUI folder, then click "Cancel" in the AO Settings window
  4. Open the "ndGUI\Views" folder in the custom GUI folder
  5. Locate the "ControlCenter.xml" file, and open it with a plain text editor (eg. Notepad)
    Note: If your current ControlCenter.xml file contains any customization (such as aligned shortcutbar numbers or togglers), you will need to note down the values before proceeding to the next step, then restore them after step #5
  6. Select all the content of the file and delete it
  7. Select all the content of the textbox above and copy it to the clipboard
  8. Paste the content of the clipboard into the empty "ControlCenter.xml" file
  9. Save and close the file

If something went wrong...

If you encounter issues with your custom generated Control Center layout (such as most of the Control Center elements not getting displayed), you need to revert to any of the default layouts by replacing the current "ControlCenter.xml" file with one of the default layouts in ndGUI (as described in the "Customization / Changing the menubar position" section of the main page).

Should something like this happen and you can recall the settings which resulted in a bad layout, please notify me about the issue in the Notum Dovvetech GUI 4.3 thread or in a PM.