ndGUI Number Bar Aligner

To align a number bar to one of your shortcutbars, follow these insructions:
  1. Completely exit the game
  2. Start the AO launcher, click "Settings", then select the "GUI" tab in the Settings window
  3. Click the "Open" button next to the "Skins" line in the "Folders" frame to open the custom GUI folder, then click "Cancel" in the AO Settings window
  4. Go one step up from the custom GUI folder, then open the "Prefs\<AccountName>\<CharID>\Containers" folder
  5. Locate the "ShortcutBar_X.xml" file(s) where "X" is a number; 0 is the first (default) shortcutbar, 1 is the second, etc.
  6. Open the file for the shortcutbar to which you want to align a number bar with a plain text viewer/editor, select all content of the file, copy to clipboard, then close the file
  7. Click into the textbox below and paste the content of the shortuctbar file into it
  8. Select number bar type:
  9. Select number bar alignment:
  10. Go back up to the custom GUI folder, then go to the "Gui\ndGUI\Views" folder and open the "ControlCenter.xml" file with a plain text editor
  11. Find this line in the file:
  12. Replace the line below it with this one:
  13. Save and close the file