Latest : (2021) | 56 Mo


For most screens set upto 1300 pixels width definition, normal version is advised ; over 1300 pixels width definition, especially if text is hard for you to read, prefer wide version now available.


With any old version removed, extract archive in ao/cd_image/textures/PlanetMap ; you should obtain a new "SLmap" folder containing various files (bin, xml & txt) according to the version you downloaded.
At this point, just open ingame worldmap once in SL by hitting "P" & then click the "i" upperleft of that window > Select Map > choose SLmap link from the list ; that's all done !11!!1
If you have an error hitting "P", assuming you already got the map correctly installed, it's fixed by chat command : /setoption ShadowlandMapIndexFile "SLmap/SLmap.txt" or /setoption ShadowlandMapIndexFile "SLmap/SLmapWide.txt"


2.21 - March 2021 => Many details corrected or added all over the map ; thanx to Uneedgsf & Aquarius for their knowledge + precious help ;)

2.2 - february 2020 => retuning of many positions ; mistyped/unreadable text corrected & missing added (3 quests included) ; noteworthy location icons added to top layer ; a big thanx to Uneedgsf for info/check help !

2.1 - february 2017 => Greedy Shade locations and nanos added ; few graphical elements readjusted ; several text overlaps and typos fixed ; catacombs entrance descriptions improved ; 3rd layer grid & number corrected.

2.0 - june 2016 => many cities & buildings of every zones graphically improved ; several NPC, spot or dynas updated ; few typos, dot overlaps, border bugs, grid coords or map positions corrected ; wide version added.

1.0 - december 2015 => playground removed ; backgrounds minimalized ; borders cleaned ; LoX enlighted ; layers optimized ; closeview repaired ; title font changed ; garden/sanct nanos refreshed ; new maps/NPC added.


Idea is to go on from the best SL map we had so far, Onack's AoSL, and keep informations updated in minimal filesize accordingly to last AO patches.


Layer 1 => small map with minimal zone informations / Layer 2 => everything important dynabosses included / Layer 3 => nanos, quest related & various NPCs


Introduce new additions AO team will patch + community feedbacks & suggestions.

Please post your feedback (about the SL map only !) in any of these, what's relevant and doable will be taken in consideration.


Onack for an inestimable work over years ; Novagen for hosting & sources ; Saavick for test & tricks ; Demoder & Cell-team for toolbox ; Alliance of Rimor for infos ; other players that helped (you know who you are).