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This is the place to find information about characters, organizations and items in the online game Anarchy Online. In addition to the normal data you can also view history and statistics. Browse around in the Anarchy Online character database to find out more about people from all sides. Clan, Omni and Neutral. We have them all!

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  Characters 419374
  Omni 42.32% 177490
  Clan 44.22% 185467
  Neutral 13.45% 56417
  Organizations 16153
  Omni 44.82% 7240
  Clan 36.72% 5932
  Neutral 18.45% 2981

Biggest Organizations

Name Members
  Athen Paladins 6072
  Weyland Yutani 5739
  The Asylum 3006
  Storm 2057
  Crimson Assassins 2016
  Infinity 1990
  Phoenix Rising 1967
  Valheru Ascendants 1881
  Insanity Inc 1839
  First Order 1701

Tower Distribution

  Sites 251
  Omni 38.65% 97
  Clan 50.60% 127
  Neutral 10.76% 27