18.8 Update Series

June 23 2020 Update Release Notes

  • Gartua the Gate Guardian no longer teleports players to himself.
  • Gartua is rooted in place during entire encounter.
  • Searing Flames are not immediately active.


June 19 2020 Update Release Notes

  • Addressed some specific instances where players may experience extended bouts of latency and/or unresponsiveness (lasting more than a few seconds). If the issue persists, please let us know.

June 17 2020 Update Release Notes

  • NEW: Added Temple of Three Winds Raid.  To access the raid, you must be at least level 201+ and be in a raid.
  • Increased the duration of many Profession buffs to 4 hours.
  • Shield of Zset now has a right and left hand version; the nano will spawn 2 shields, one for each hand.
  • Freelancers and Inferno Missions are now available on RK19

March 10 2020 Update Release Notes

  • Corrected an issue with Masterwork Tool of Torturing.

March 5 2020 Update Release Notes

  • Serpentine Gloves are now obtainable via a mission from Fiona the Wise.

18.8.40 Update Release Notes

  • Players who have an unopened Vacuum Packed Striped Silencer Armor from shop bundles can get a second.
  • Pooled XP cap is now based on the character's level.
  • Players at the level cap will be able to gain xp to their XP pool.

18.8.39 Update Release Notes

  • Added skill and title requirements to SAM batteries.

18.8.38 Update Release Notes

  • Daily Login rewards for days 3 and 17 updated to Health and Nano Recharger.
  • Cheaper ammo added to Clan and Omni shops.

18.8.37 Update Release Notes

  • March 2019 Subscription Offer rewards may now be claimed on Live (RK5)
  • Claims should no longer require changing zones to appear

March 6, 2019:

Now Available: Rubi-Ka 2019, the new Anarchy Online server where current and new subscribers can start anew on a fresh journey through space...and time!

18.8.33 Update Release Notes

  • Performed backend/database work.

18.8.32 Update Release Notes

Game Updates:

  • Happy Holidays!  This update was for the 2018 Winter Event.  Read more here!

Game Updates:

  • New installs from Steam will start at 18.8.32
  • Standard Engine game client installer updated to 18.8.32 on website.
  • New Engine game client installer will be updated to this soon™

18.8.28 Update Release Notes

Game Updates:

  • Digummy social armor description is more readable.
  • Dust Brigade Tech Unit armor gives correct amount of Treatment and First Aid at all levels.
  • Statuesque Gloves will now properly drop.
  • Rusted Carbonum armor will drop more often.

18.8.24 Update Release Notes

Game Updates:

  • Fixed a number of exploits.  Yay!

18.8.22 Update Release Notes

Game Updates:

  • Restored a missing GMI terminal to Tir.
  • Fixed a number of exploits.

18.8.19 Update Release Notes

Game Updates:

  • Final preparations for Steam launch
  • It is now possible to create a new account from the login page of a client launched via Steam
  • Resolved a stacking issue with nanos cast via certain Nano Cans

18.8.18 Update Release Notes

Seasonal Updates:

  • Prepared Rubi-Ka for a festive Winter Celebration

Item Updates:

  • Made several previously-depreicated Christmas Gifts able to be opened once again
  • Removed expansion requirements on Illegally Modified Ofab weapons
  • Added 'Staff of Cleansing' as the newest Membership Reward item

Item Shop Updates:

  • Modified shop offerings and prices
  • Added some new nano cans
  • Added Org City voucher & Specialization collection of books
  • Added basic gear bundles aimed at certain levels
  • Added an improved Lottery Ticket and Social Lottery Ticket
  • Items sold from the Item Shop (after this point) will be NoDrop

UI Updates:

  • Removed ability to block Inspect
  • Updated the Item Shop icon to better resemble a shopping cart, instead of a fry basket


18.8.17 Update Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Performed back-end fixes.


18.8.16 Update Release Notes

Holiday Update:

  • Added a new Halloween instance & rewards - Grab the new quest from a Draculeet or Frankenleet!

18.8.15 Update Release Notes

Notum Wars Updates

  • 25% at 14:00 GMT
    • 4 Holes
    • Athen Shire
    • Belial Forest
    • Broken Shores
    • Clondyke
    • Eastern Foul Plains
    • Galway County
    • Galway Shire
    • Holes in the Wall
    • Mutant Domain
    • Newland Desert
    • Stret East Bank
    • Stret West Bank
    • Upper Stret East Bank
    • Central Artery Valley
  • 25% at 22:00 GMT
    • Aegean
    • Andromeda
    • Avalon
    • Greater Omni Forest
    • Greater Tir County
    • Mort
    • Newland
    • Perpetual Wastelands
    • Southern Artery Valley
    • Southern Foul Hills
    • The Longest Road
    • Tir County
    • Varmint Woods
  • Legacy Tower Behavior
    • Lush Fields
    • Deep Artery Valley
    • Milky Way
    • Omni Forest
    • Pleasant Meadows
    • Wailing Wastes
  • Conductors added to tower shops:
    • Corruption
    • Learning
    • Juggling

Profession Updates:

  • Agent:
    • Reduced AAO boost from Concentration buffs
    • Increased Defensive Skill check for most hostile perk actions
  • Meta-Physicist:
    • Reduced the ferocity of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Rihwen
    • Tier 3 Rihwen has some natural root/snare resistance
  • Engineer:
    • Beacon Warp & Team Beacon Warps have slower execution casting time

General Updates:

  • Added "Apotheosis" research perkline
  • Alien Armor can now be equipped without the Alien Technology perkline invested, if Apotheosis research is level 10.
  • Preparations made for Anniversary celebrations
  • Additional Illegal Notum Smuggler spawn points added in the various SBC-Xpm sites
  • Illegal Notum Smugglers have a higher chance to respawn when a player death occurs
  • Gnuff's Crystals no longer use Intelligence as a cooldown skill
  • Added spawn points of Gnuff's Acolytes in Will to Fight
  • Added items to Veteran Shop:
    • Growing Lilac Helmet
    • Prototype Nano Armor Cloak
    • Vacuum Packed Newcomer's Armor
  • Riot Control is now a Psi buff
  • Nano Crystal (Malaise of Emotion) now matches the requirements of casting the nano
  • Corrected Melee AC of Ofab MP chest
  • It is no longer possible to Beacon Warp into or out of the DB3 encounter

18.8.14 Update Release Notes

  • Will to Fight Updates
    • Gnuff will respawn more frequently and drop more of his rift crystals
    • It is now possible to save within Will to Fight
    • The crystals dropped from Gnuff will trigger a reduced lockout time of 5 minutes
  • Palmiero's Mission Updates
    • Alien Invasion mission will correctly grant XP/SK if you already have AI Level 30.
    • Dustbrigade Operative Covering should display on Solitus Male characters

18.8.13 Update Release Notes

Content Updates

  • Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero has landed on Rubi-Ka
    • He makes appearances in ICC's "Holo Deck" tower for 1 week at a time, then 1 week off, and then will return a week later with a different mission
    • Arbitration Drone offers a mission based on your level, including one related to Daily Missions, available to everyone
    • Mission rewards offer ICC Commendations, a new currency used to purchase unique rewards
    • Missions "Dusted Off," "Alien Invasion," "Civil Disobedience," and "Freelancers Inc." can all provide a bonus reward when turned in
  • Implemented new Membership Rewards system - Claim your rewards today!
  • Added new items into Veteran Shop
    • Note: After this update, Veteran Points will stop accruing over time
  • Achaean Conqueror is slightly more prepared to ride into battle
  • Gnuff has found his stash of crystals
  • ICC has landed a transport shuttle outside of Temple of Three Winds

18.8.12 Update Release Notes

The Reck Updates:

  • "Vision of Destruction" & "Vision of Hope" will now work correctly
  • Increased XP gains from kills by 25%
  • "Drawing Notum from Sand," "Putting Down Wardog," and "The Mutant Warchief" all offer AoE mission updates
    • Killing the target NPC also temporarily spawns an interactable that will advance the mission when used

18.8.11 Update Release Notes

Content Updates

  • The Reck is open!
    • Enter via Tir or Omni-1 Trade whompahs.
    • Everyone can enjoy and explore a new Rubi-Ka region
    • Hunt down dyna bosses for new and classic rewards
    • Complete new Daily Missions for XP and Token rewards (Missions restricted to level 90 - 170 characters).
  • New Planet Map
    • Included with 18.8.11 is a new Default RK map, in addition to a versino of Saavick's RK Planet map - Enjoy!
  • The Collector should be open for business once again

Holiday Updates:

Bug Fixes:

  • /follow should work on NPCs again in the New Engine client
  • John Smith should be more willing to cooperate

18.8.10 Update Release Notes

Holiday Updates

18.8.9 Update Release Notes

Content Updates

  • The Collector is back from vacation.
  • Golden Chests of the Collector will drop fewer Alpha/Beta Alien Box

Item Updates

  • "Fountain of Life" will only require 1 Awakened armor sleeve.
  • Hiisi Pupil Boots now require the level of their Quality Level to be worn.

PvP Updates

  • It is no longer possible to get an /assist target off of a Notum Wars tower.

18.8.8 Update Release Notes

Content Updates

Pyramid of Home

  • Modified & Improved Awakened Token Boards
  • The Achaean Conqueror, a new Heavy Weapons gun, can now drop alongside other Corrupted weapons
  • The second Chaos of the Xan has been correctly renamed (and modified) to be the Corrupted Lord of Chaos
  • The Maiden will be more generous with cleaning up her flames

The Collector

  • The Secretary can now only talk to 1 person at a time

18.8.7 Update Release Notes

Content Updates

  • Hiisi Pupil Breastplate and Boots will correctly scale in level from 1 -> 200
  • The Awakened Burden of Competence will no longer buff BodyDev and NanoPool twice
  • Gold Chest of the Collector will offer fewer chances of Alpha/Beta Boxes

Pyramid of Home

  • Portals in Pyramid of Home will last for 4 hours instead of 2
  • Fewer trash mobs within the dungeon will respawn after 20 minutes
  • The "Living Flame" style monsters will wait a few seconds before dropping damaging areas on the ground
  • The Maiden will be more fair with where she spawns her avatars
  • Unstable Rifts will persist for slightly longer
  • The final encounter arena is correctly limited to 6 players

18.8.6 Update Release Notes

Seasonal Updates

  • Halloween has started and will continue until November 17th, 2015!
  • Uncle Pumpkin-Head and Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-Head will be infesting their normal haunts around Rubi-Ka
  • The rare Ganking Uncle Pumpkin-Head and bands of Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-Head can be found in the SBC-Xpm Alpha Romeo sites

Content Updates

  • The Pyramid of Home dungeon is Live! To access the Pyramid of Home, enter the large door behind Number Nine within the Temple of Home in Broken Shores. To enter the Temple of Home, you will have to meet any of the following requirements:
    • Wear a Profession Nanodeck (Base/Awakened/Stellar)
    • Have completed the Guarding the Source questline
    • Have completed the Legacy of the Xan questline
    • You will need to be in a raid, and be level 201 or above to participate.

18.8.5 Update Release Notes

PvP Changes

  • /assist will not return a target if the Target is a Pet

Profession Changes

  • Fixer - Long HoTs will correctly tick for the full duration of the nanos
    • Gridspace Freedom will be more difficult to override
  • Adventurer - Fixed description of Beckoning

General Changes

  • Ground Chief Aune (The Informant) should be less prone to summon armies of Omega drones
  • Anarchy Online .exe files should be less prone to trigger false positives from certain Anti-Virus programs; will be creating a new pair of Installers soon

18.8.4 Update Release Notes

PvP Changes

  • /assist will not return a target if both the Target and Target's Target are Player Characters.
  • /assist will return a target if the Target is a NPC and the Target's Target is a Player Character.
  • /assist will return a target if the Target is a Player Character and the Target's Target is a NPC.
  • /assist will return a target if the Target and Target's Target are both NPCs.

Org Changes

  • The /org paymembers command has been removed.

General Changes

  • Extended several buff durations to 4 hours; will do more in future updates.

18.8.3 Update Release Notes

Profession Changes - Agent - Sharp Shooter 1 at higher levels will have the correct casting time

  • Night Killer will check for Agent Evade debuffs at all levels
  • Nano Technician - Double Nanos: Hits have a 2s delay, added 6s line cooldown
    • Double & Delayed Nukes (Formerly Triples) share a line cooldown
    • Damage-to-Nano shields will no longer stack with Reflect Nanos
    • Nullity Sphere MK I can now be purchased in the ICC Nano shop
    • Double Nanos: The second hit will not pierce reflects
    • Delayed Nukes: Shortened line cooldown to 5s
  • Enforcer - Mongo's High HP buffing nanos have had level requirements applied
    • Mongo! AoE taunt nanos shouldn't be able to flag players

General Updates

  • Changed Medi Blade appearances. Again.
  • Lowered cost of items in General Store Nano Crystal Vendors and Pre-Made Implants
  • The exit door from Arete Landing should function more reliably

Adjustments made to Collector Chests

  • Strong, Supple, and Arithmetic viral bots can only drop from Golden Chests
  • Enduring, Observant, and Spiritual viralbots can only drop from Silver Chests
  • Subspace Storage Device components can drop from Silver Chests
  • Bellum Badonis Armor Helmet should sit naturally on all breeds and genders
  • Redeemed and Unredeemed mobs should be less-likely to heal their attack targets
  • Net of Adonis should be equippable now
  • Added Worn ICC Cloaks to ICC armor shop
  • The Informant's Ground Chief Aune will break less often
  • Added MP quest to upgrade starter weapon
  • Recall Beacon items have a 5s activation time

18.8.2 Update Release Notes

New Engine Fixes

  • Jobe Luxury and Sunrise apartments are safer to enter.
  • Battlestation Terminals will correctly list the team names.
  • Organization Headquarters will be more firmly planted to the ground from a distance.
  • Changed the Hacked Medi-Blade & Improved Hacked Medi-Blade appearance so they are visible and feel less like Christmas trees.
  • Implant sign in ICC General Stores will be more visible.
  • Center pillar of the ICC Whom-Pahs has returned.


18.8.1 Update Release Notes

General Changes

  • Mantis Hatchling will only be able to be summoned once per character.


18.8 Update Release Notes

New Engine Update

  • Added option to download a "New Engine" version of the game and play on the Live server; the installer is ~5GB in size, with a installation size of ~23GB. Click here to start downloading.
  • Resolved an issue that cause lighting effects in dungeons to persist longer than they should.

Profession Changes

  • Agent "Ruse" nanos will reduce the size of the agent.
  • Trader's "Subprime Vitality Mortgage" now has a reduced 90 second cooldown.
  • Trader's "Subprime Vitality Mortgage" now requires Bio Metamor & Time&Space.

General Changes

  • Made preparations for 2015 Anniversary.
  • Adjusted AI Bot drops on ground and ship.
  • Entrance point into the Grid has been moved.
  • It is now possible to enter the landing shuttle, located near your character spawning location; this can be used as an additional meet-up location, as needed.