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Ari-tek Corporation

Organization 51634


Name Ari-tek Corporation
Faction Omni
Government Faction
Leader Tristinv
Members 1
Highest Level 13
Lowest Level 13
Average Level 13
Description A small corporate branch extending off from the main Omni-Tek corporation. Founded by a group of highly dedicated Omni's the corporations trust lies with the main Omni-tek Corporation.
Objective To help any memeber when ever they are in need of it, also stand up and defend Omni-tek as they are our benefactor.
History The corporations name was formerly New World Explorers. It was a group of small but dedicated Omni-tek employess, more of a group rather than a corporation. The group faced various leadership struggles as it was abandoned by it's first true leader. As it


  Solitus 100.00% 1


  Male 100.00% 1


  Engineer 100.00% 1


Director 100.00% 1
Board Member 0.00% 0
Executive 0.00% 0
Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 0.00% 0



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