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I Have Candy

Organization 56431


Name I Have Candy
Faction Omni
Government Department
Leader Isolte
Members 1
Highest Level 70
Lowest Level 70
Average Level 70
Description The Grafters is a specialized division of Omni-Tek, formed to cripple the clans war efforts by intercepting and procuring clan weapons and supplies and returning them to thier rightful owner, Omni-Tek
Objective To sabotage the clans productivity through the interception and procurement of important goods, thus increasing the efficiency of other OT divisions in carrying out their goals.
History The Grafters was formed on August 11 by President Isolte with Generals Stareburst, Sidewave, Momatt and Nandaker.


  Solitus 100.00% 1


  Female 100.00% 1


  Fixer 100.00% 1


President 100.00% 1
General 0.00% 0
Squad Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Leader 0.00% 0
Unit Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 0.00% 0



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