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A Little Fixation

Organization 4700


Name A Little Fixation
Faction Clan
Government Anarchism
Leader Alphafix
Members 10
Highest Level 220
Lowest Level 1
Average Level 90
Description A Little Fixation starts off as a simple 'team' of Fixers levelled and twinked by this certain Rubi-kan with an unerring love for the Fixer profession PvM-wise.
Objective *cough* -> To one day, be the de facto place for all fixer lovers and their little fixer twink projects :) Basic requirements: You need to be a Fixer (doh!) and reasonably twinked.
History "Fixers never die, we just take a different grid exit." (Hello excuse me! This is really just a ... vanity project. What objectives!!? xD)


  Solitus 10.00% 1
  Opifex 70.00% 7
  Nanomage 20.00% 2


  Male 20.00% 2
  Female 80.00% 8


  Fixer 100.00% 10


Anarchist 100.00% 10



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