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Shadow Elites

Organization 57367


Name Shadow Elites
Faction Clan
Government Faction
Leader Idios-1
Members 3
Highest Level 34
Lowest Level 10
Average Level 20
Description We are called the shadow Killers 'cos that's all we could think of, everything else seemed so corny. Basically we are like any other low lvl org just we hope to be more friendly than most
Objective We aim for a happy and giving team. We hope people in the org will team up with each other, chat and donate... even if u just donate 100 creds u will be thanked.
History We came from a scrounged up 6 memeber team, where we were asking everybody to join just to make a team so we could start an org. Not everyone wants to team up i'll tell you that.


  Solitus 66.67% 2
  Nanomage 33.33% 1


  Male 100.00% 3


  Adventurer 33.33% 1
  Bureaucrat 33.33% 1
  Engineer 33.33% 1


Director 33.33% 1
Board Member 0.00% 0
Executive 0.00% 0
Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 66.67% 2



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