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Associated Free Press

Organization 3333


Name Associated Free Press
Faction Neutral
Government Republic
Leader Hotscoop-1
Members 3
Highest Level 9
Lowest Level 5
Average Level 7
Description The Free Press of Rubika, Totally neutral and devoted to the truth
Objective To create a news network of reporters, photographers and to record history as it happens.
History The events on Rubika seemed to go unnoticed since the official news is never up-to-date. As a result the Neutral Scholars of Rubi-ka 1 decided to form a Agency for reporting news as it happens as quickly as possible for the citizens of Rubi-ka. We partici


  Solitus 66.67% 2
  Nanomage 33.33% 1


  Male 33.33% 1
  Female 66.67% 2


  Bureaucrat 33.33% 1
  Engineer 33.33% 1
  Meta-Physicist 33.33% 1


President 33.33% 1
Advisor 0.00% 0
Veteran 0.00% 0
Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 66.67% 2



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