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Athen Medical Society

Organization 57059


Name Athen Medical Society
Faction Clan
Government Faction
Leader Octagious-1
Members 3
Highest Level 38
Lowest Level 11
Average Level 21
Description We are a group of medical professionals, and researchers devoted to advancing medical science and practices on Rubi-Ka, while finding humane grounds for said research. (This is a role-playing org.)
Objective To train new medical professoinals, to advance medical science, and to expose Omni-Med's atrocities on humanity and this planet's environment.
History (Formed May 04, 2003) at the Mongol Meat in Old Athen. (website: http://www.treefrogweb.net/ams/)


  Solitus 66.67% 2
  Nanomage 33.33% 1


  Male 66.67% 2
  Female 33.33% 1


  Bureaucrat 33.33% 1
  Doctor 66.67% 2


Director 33.33% 1
Board Member 0.00% 0
Executive 0.00% 0
Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 66.67% 2



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