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Aethyr Prime

Organization 3218


Name Aethyr Prime
Faction Clan
Government Feudalism
Leader Impxaun
Members 3
Highest Level 100
Lowest Level 15
Average Level 46
Description Aethyr Prime is the governing body of the Order of the Aethyr Knights. Lead by Lady "Xaun" Miyamoto. Active members in the Council of Truth with legacy support for the Knights of Avalon.
Objective Formed to bring peace to the clans with honor and dignity. [A Mandatory Role Play Clan. Our Sub Clan Aethyr Guard is a casual or no Role Play Org] gridsite: http://www.aethyrprime.com/clans
History The Clans in the Order of the Aethyr Knights are a family of likeminded individuals whom together strive toward the end of the wars on Rubi-ka and the salvation of the Shadowlands. Beginning with Aethyr Prime (Mandatory RP requirement & Security Clear


  Solitus 33.33% 1
  Opifex 33.33% 1
  Atrox 33.33% 1


  Female 66.67% 2
  Neuter 33.33% 1


  Adventurer 33.33% 1
  Agent 33.33% 1
  Enforcer 33.33% 1


Lord 33.33% 1
Knight 0.00% 0
Vassal 0.00% 0
Peasant 66.67% 2



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