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Sancho's Mercs.

Organization 53575


Name Sancho's Mercs.
Faction Neutral
Government Faction
Leader Sanchodan
Members 4
Highest Level 43
Lowest Level 16
Average Level 30
Description We are the clones of the long lost Sanchobob and are the remaining shadow of what he once was.
Objective To keep the face of the great Sanchobob alive till he returns to us once more.Our other objective is to assist and unite any lost clones of Sancho.
History We are the lost remnant clones of the Great Sanchobob former leader of +Neutral Freedon+.He tried to liberate the neutral lands from the grand disputes between Omni and clan.After a year of great battles he suddenly dissapeared and is believed dead.The re


  Solitus 50.00% 2
  Nanomage 25.00% 1
  Atrox 25.00% 1


  Male 75.00% 3
  Neuter 25.00% 1


  Bureaucrat 25.00% 1
  Enforcer 50.00% 2
  Engineer 25.00% 1


Director 25.00% 1
Board Member 0.00% 0
Executive 0.00% 0
Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 75.00% 3



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