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Shock Therapy

Organization 7641


Name Shock Therapy
Faction Omni
Government Republic
Leader Rkae
Members 1
Highest Level 152
Lowest Level 152
Average Level 152
Description .:[An org where players can use a chatbot and vent server without going through rediculous applications, or meeting rediculous requirements that only segragates Omni-tek, instead of uniting her]:.
Objective .:[To play this wonderful game without the hassles of todays criteria for meeting friends and finding a group. To obtain and use all knowledge to utterly dominate and destroy all clans in PVP]:.
History .:[Shock Therapy was created 12:24 A.M. Monday, March 31st, 29482 (2008), by Rkae and its original five]:.


  Solitus 100.00% 1


  Male 100.00% 1


  Fixer 100.00% 1


President 100.00% 1
Advisor 0.00% 0
Veteran 0.00% 0
Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 0.00% 0



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