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Athen Templar's

Organization 2870


Name Athen Templar's
Faction Clan
Government Feudalism
Leader Unknown
Members 4
Highest Level 15
Lowest Level 8
Average Level 12
Description We are a band of brothers and sisters. We fight for honor and justice. If you seek a family and not just another org...AT may be what your looking for.
Objective To help all fellow Clan members, we are not just an org...we are a family.
History Athen Templars was founded on 5/20/2010. Athen Templars creed is simple...Honor, Loyalty and Family. We uphold our image with great reguard and strive to become one of the most repected orgs on this server.


  Solitus 75.00% 3
  Opifex 25.00% 1


  Male 100.00% 4


  Adventurer 25.00% 1
  Agent 25.00% 1
  Engineer 25.00% 1
  Fixer 25.00% 1


Lord 0.00% 0
Knight 0.00% 0
Vassal 0.00% 0
Peasant 100.00% 4



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