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Athen's Black Ops

Organization 7969


Name Athen's Black Ops
Faction Neutral
Government Department
Leader Levv
Members 2
Highest Level 2
Lowest Level 1
Average Level 2
Description Since our team reports to the ICC, we do not favor Omni-Tek or the Clans. We act in the interest of our sponsors which varies from time to time based on their reports from Rubi-Ka.
Objective Monitor the technological advances on Rubi-ka resulting from Alien research and ensure Clan and Omni-Tek forces do not get out of hand.
History Other corporations of the ICC are concerned that with the increasing Alien activity, Omni-Tek Corporation or the Clans may make sudden technological leaps that will casue them to be outside of the ICCs control. To address these concerns, some of the ICC c


  Solitus 50.00% 1
  Opifex 50.00% 1


  Male 50.00% 1
  Female 50.00% 1


  Agent 50.00% 1
  Martial Artist 50.00% 1


President 50.00% 1
General 0.00% 0
Squad Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Leader 0.00% 0
Unit Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 50.00% 1



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