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Attack of the Killer Thongs

Organization 56951


Name Attack of the Killer Thongs
Faction Clan
Government Feudalism
Leader Gruds-1
Members 6
Highest Level 25
Lowest Level 19
Average Level 24
Description Thong... a name feared by Omni scum all over Rubi-ka. The only guild containing trained dancing Atroxes. The Thongs are a team of dedicated omni ass-kicking dancers.
Objective To rid Rubi-ka of the gimped, strange people that call themselves "Omni-tek" by uniting the clans to create a powerfull fighting force.
History Attack of the Killer Thongs started out as a group of high spirited dancing atroxes. Our performances were well appreciated by the clanners, so after encouragement from many people we decided to start a guild. The organisations members have since equipped


  Atrox 100.00% 6


  Neuter 100.00% 6


  Fixer 16.67% 1
  Trader 83.33% 5


Lord 16.67% 1
Knight 0.00% 0
Vassal 0.00% 0
Peasant 83.33% 5



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