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Im a hooker!

Organization 54022


Name Im a hooker!
Faction Clan
Government Republic
Leader Snufolupoc-1
Members 1
Highest Level 49
Lowest Level 49
Average Level 49
Description If i'm in this org, i'm a hooker! send me a teall to have a little fun! (We are recruiting)
Objective just to have fun!
History made on 15 July 2003 and run out of Snuf's apartment. Started by Snuf who is still the leader. She started 'Im a hooker!' after buying an apartment and making it into a personal strip club. She still gives shows and lap dances (as well as herself ;) in th


  Solitus 100.00% 1


  Female 100.00% 1


  Doctor 100.00% 1


President 100.00% 1
Advisor 0.00% 0
Veteran 0.00% 0
Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 0.00% 0



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