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Speshull Forces

Organization 54472


Name Speshull Forces
Faction Clan
Government Department
Leader Unknown
Members 1
Highest Level 8
Lowest Level 8
Average Level 8
Description Sum pee pul say Troxxes dum, not sMAART not good not purty in swimming soot. say shood cover up beeutifyul Troxx bodeez. NO TRUE ! wee here of Speshull Forces no that everry Troxx is Speshull !
Objective we be a place were a Troxx cn be a Troxx. don hafta be smarrt an think too much. in fact SMART NOT ALLOWED ! we go out into rubi ka an show them we Speshull !
History them mean nanomjez wuz makin fun uv us agin :( an the solstices wuz laffin at our swimming soots so WE FINALLY HAD ENUF !! an we made this heyurr org


  Nanomage 100.00% 1


  Male 100.00% 1


  Meta-Physicist 100.00% 1


President 0.00% 0
General 0.00% 0
Squad Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Leader 0.00% 0
Unit Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 100.00% 1



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