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Anarchys Freedom Fighters

Organization 3554


Name Anarchys Freedom Fighters
Faction Neutral
Government Republic
Leader Galumblade-1
Members 7
Highest Level 46
Lowest Level 15
Average Level 28
Description Anarchys Freedom Fighters is an organization that will help each other and our fellow players, we belive in fair play and a fun game.
Objective We wiil play a fun and fair game offer help to all members and felow players and most of all defend our tower and it's suroundings
History We are desendents of the blood of Tarack , we where sent to this planet to aid in times of need and if it call for it to defend for ours is but a Nobel job with little thanks, we do it out of pride Hail The Blood Of Tarack May We Live Forever.


  Solitus 42.86% 3
  Opifex 28.57% 2
  Nanomage 14.29% 1
  Atrox 14.29% 1


  Male 71.43% 5
  Female 14.29% 1
  Neuter 14.29% 1


  Agent 14.29% 1
  Fixer 28.57% 2
  Keeper 14.29% 1
  Martial Artist 14.29% 1
  Soldier 28.57% 2


President 14.29% 1
Advisor 0.00% 0
Veteran 0.00% 0
Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 85.71% 6



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