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Angelic empire

Organization 3150


Name Angelic empire
Faction Clan
Government Department
Leader Roboflare-1
Members 5
Highest Level 49
Lowest Level 11
Average Level 23
Description Angelic force shock wave far and wide, darkness whispering sigh, may our soul be filled with angelic power!
Objective build an empire and recover our past glory!
History long ago in the past where memories echoes in our soul there was an angelic race. An great empire while other races stare in awe there was an great war an war to end all wars the enemy was from the dimension of darkness the angelic race have won but there


  Solitus 80.00% 4
  Nanomage 20.00% 1


  Male 80.00% 4
  Female 20.00% 1


  Adventurer 40.00% 2
  Doctor 20.00% 1
  Engineer 40.00% 2


President 20.00% 1
General 0.00% 0
Squad Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Leader 0.00% 0
Unit Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 80.00% 4



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