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Iron Council

Organization 8082


Name Iron Council
Faction Clan
Government Department
Leader Haifrand
Members 1
Highest Level 11
Lowest Level 11
Average Level 11
Description It is a time of revolts, of rebellion and revolutions; a time of combat and intrigue. Rubi-Ka is being torn apart from without and within. Amidst it all stands the Iron Council.
Objective Membership is by invitation only. Invitation is by request.
History The Iron Council is a seed of the future taking root in the present. Currently resident east of Little Hawaii.


  Atrox 100.00% 1


  Neuter 100.00% 1


  Agent 100.00% 1


President 100.00% 1
General 0.00% 0
Squad Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Commander 0.00% 0
Unit Leader 0.00% 0
Unit Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 0.00% 0



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