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Iron Rose

Organization 3911


Name Iron Rose
Faction Clan
Government Feudalism
Leader Conteuse
Members 2
Highest Level 62
Lowest Level 7
Average Level 34
Description This Guild was formed 27 December 2002. The ranks, settings and other misc things are REALLY being worked on. As soon as the foundation is set we will begin to fill in the blanks. Expect to see the
Objective Freedom of expression and learning are high priorities, however establishing a means for ideas and thoughts to be shared is what Iron Rose is really about.
History Today it is believed that late in the twentieth century a man named Foster saw a need and had a way to help, thus Iron Rose was born. At first it was simply the name of a place that helped others spread their message through print, canvas, celluloid or w


  Solitus 100.00% 2


  Female 100.00% 2


  Bureaucrat 50.00% 1
  Doctor 50.00% 1


Lord 50.00% 1
Knight 0.00% 0
Vassal 0.00% 0
Peasant 50.00% 1



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