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Athen Security Concepts

Organization 296972


Name Athen Security Concepts
Faction Clan
Government Anarchism
Leader Bubbaicesol
Members 7
Highest Level 150
Lowest Level 1
Average Level 52
Description Organization of True Military, and Private Military Contractors. "Honor, Courage, Commitment" is the heart of our creed. Mottos "High Speed, Low Drag"
Objective To do the jobs most people can't do alone or too afraid to do. If the money is right you have real life killers in your corner. We eat with the beast and run with the wolves!
History Offically formed March 10th, 2014 at 13:00 hours by U.S. Marines Boomer and Political. A.S.C. Does NOT Recruit. Must have served in a National Military or PMC to be considered. Resume Required.


  Solitus 57.14% 4
  Atrox 42.86% 3


  Male 57.14% 4
  Neuter 42.86% 3


  Bureaucrat 28.57% 2
  Doctor 14.29% 1
  Keeper 14.29% 1
  Nano-Technician 14.29% 1
  Soldier 28.57% 2


Anarchist 100.00% 7



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