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Angels Of Destruction

Organization 58662


Name Angels Of Destruction
Faction Clan
Government Republic
Leader Rameshin-1
Members 2
Highest Level 7
Lowest Level 6
Average Level 6
Description Angel's that have been sent from the heaven's to destroy omni.
Objective To destroy all omni and reclaime what was once ours. The planet of Rubi Ka.
History For ages we have been fighting omni. We want our home back that we once had. It wasent possible until the angels of destruction was sent from the heavens to unleash all hell upon omni.


  Solitus 100.00% 2


  Male 50.00% 1
  Female 50.00% 1


  Enforcer 50.00% 1
  Soldier 50.00% 1


President 50.00% 1
Advisor 0.00% 0
Veteran 0.00% 0
Member 0.00% 0
Applicant 50.00% 1



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